Using cheap self storage (part 2)

Archive Storage

If you are running your own business from home or from a small retail / industrial premises then you might want to take advantage of self storage for any documents, records, and archives that you need to keep on hand. Certain documents and invoices need to be accessible for legal taxation requirements. Rather than piling it all up around you, why not use a cheap self storage option like the one we have at the AK Storage facility. This is a cost-effective way to de-clutter your home office, shop or industrial unit. The extra space you save can leave you with room for some other things that may be more useful to you and the business. Like another desk for an associate, or just more room that will make a better impression on visiting clients or customers.

The Change in life Circumstances Using a Cheap Self Storage Solution

At many points throughout our lives, our life just changes. A divorce, for example, will obviously lead to drastic changes in one’s living arrangements. Placing your items into self storage until you settle into your new life can help no end and will cost very little for the few months it takes you to get established. A change of job is another change in our lives that can bring with it relocation circumstances. Temporary downsizing may be required. Again Self storage can come in handy and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. What if you wanted to downsize for the foreseeable future and wanted to sell a lot of your unwanted items? Rather than having the usual garage sale that sees you selling off your items at a fraction of their true value to your old neighbours, why not put them into storage temporarily and sell them off as and when you get the right price.

A death in the family often means that time is required to sort through their belongings and other affairs. A couple of months of cheap self storage like the options we have here at AK storage Sheffield can help during this bereavement period. Remember: People Save Money Using Cheap Self Storage in Sheffield.

using cheap self storage

Outdoor Fun!

Most of us live in big cities these days but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the Great Outdoors and the fun that can be had with it. Owning and off-road motorbike, quad bike, boat or jet-ski can make our inner city lives a little more exciting. On street parking for any of these vehicles will mean higher insurance charges because the likelihood of it being stolen in the middle of the night can be quite high.

The maths will tell you that you’ll be better off storing your weekend adventure vehicles at a fully insured, 24 Hour CCTV monitored, dry secured storage facility, like ours.

Garden Furniture Not Required

Expensive garden furniture can get battered and ruined over the course of a British winter. If you don’t have the storage space to keep them dry and secure through the winter months then think about using cheap self storage over this period.