Storage Units Sheffield

If you need to store some extra items or furniture for a while outside of your home – for any reason, then the best way to do it is with a home storage solution with one of the many storage units Sheffield has here in the United Kingdom. The right storage ideas offer a safe and convenient place in which individuals can store items when they’re moving home and want to de-clutter and sell some unwanted items over time, or they’re decorating a new home and want to avoid the problem of paint splashes and other stains on expensive items. AK Storage has given the appropriate advice to many customers over the years as to which will be the best storage ideas for them.

home storage solutions in the uk

Home storage ideas and solutions here in the UK

Some people even choose to use self-storage options in the UK. simply because they need somewhere to put extra furniture and items when they’re downsizing- such as when a couple moves to a newer, smaller home after their child moves away. In the UK, the most common self-storage options include:

  • Warehouses
  • Lock-ups
  • Containers
  • Furniture Depositories
  • Warehouses

Warehouse storage involves a large building that has been carefully segmented into different rooms of various sizes known as warehouse storage. Check out AK storage units Sheffield. These units are great when you’re looking for high security, great accessibility, and flexible amounts of space. However, they can be a little more expensive than other home storage solutions, because they do offer a higher amount of convenience and security. Another warehouse option is the type we have here at AK Storage in Sheffield. We offer palletized storage which is much cheaper and just as safe and secure.

Storage Units Sheffield

ak storage units sheffield

Containers, such as shipping containers, are generally the most common form of self-storage option in the UK. Often the cheapest per square foot. These as home storage solutions often offer dimensions of up to 160 square feet and can be located in a secure compound. Clients can simply visit the containers to retrieve their items or ask companies to deliver containers to them.

However, they are generally left outside exposed to the elements and industrious thieves on a gravel-covered car park. The metal containers will not keep out the thieves or mildew and mold.


Lock-ups are similar to garages in appearance and can serve as storage units. These lockups are typically somewhat smaller than some of the other home storage solutions available and provide sizes somewhere in the region of 124 square feet. Garage lockups or garage storage units are often cheaper than warehouse units, and easily accessible.

Furniture Depositories

Finally, some moving companies will provide facilities for storing the belongings of certain clients. These are often spacious warehouses that offer the same security and flexibility of any other kind of warehouse storage facility. In these circumstances, the moving firm will often take care of the transport, and the fees can be quite competitive. However, you might find that certain companies attempt to charge you for each visit, and some facilities may be located in remote areas that make them difficult to access.

Whatever your home storage solutions requirements, please give us a call here at AK storage Sheffield, or check out the rest of our website. Don’t forget to check out our ‘storage Sheffield‘ special post.