Self storage prices can save you money

This is the last part in our series on ‘how to save money by using the right self storage prices’.

So here we go..

Self storage prices can save you money by utilising space

Save your self a lot of stress

House moves, house clearances, as well as office moves and business relocations, can be the cause of lots of stress even if it only a short term disruption. If you were to invest or utilize self storage during this period it can take the pressure off the moving dates and deadlines, saving you the sleepless nights that can often come with stressful relocation.

Do you need some Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy of harmonizing with your surrounding environment. In order to ‘harmonize’ you need space, not clutter. You need to ask yourself ‘Do I really need all my items at my fingertips twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week?’ If you can create space in your home by selling the things you don’t need or by de-cluttering that’s great. However, if some of these items you need are seasonal (e.g. garden furniture) or maybe you are waiting for the right price to sell your items, then you may want to use a cheap self storage option so that you can harmonize with your environment and achieve Feng Shui! Check out AK self storage prices.

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Cheap Self Storage Prices can help with Excess Stock

For many businesses, it can very often be more cost-effective to move excess or surplus stock into storage rather than moving to larger premises. Because the storage options we offer are flexible, our business customers can increase or decrease the amount of storage space they hire from us, as and when we need it.

Running an eBay business

If you have started up an eBay business, then most likely you won’t want a room in your house full of eBay stock. So why not use a self storage facility like ours. There no business rates to pay, which means more profit for your online business. And remember, whilst the Treasury introduced VAT on storage back in 2012, which has had a knock-on effect on storage costs for domestic users, as a business you can claim it back!

Make some money via the spare room

One great way to earn some extra income is to rent out your spare room to a lodger. This income can really help out with mortgage payments and other household costs. That means clearing the junk out of there and moving a lodger in. But sometimes that ‘junk’ means a lot to you. Not the kind of stuff you can just get rid of, otherwise, you wouldn’t be storing it in the spare room. So, one idea is to move the items into storage, then offset this cost with the income gained via your new lodger. This can make you a pretty tidy sum with our self storage prices.

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So there you have it! Numerous ways.