4 Self Storage Mistakes That You Need to Side-step

Before you take off on your next adventure, and time comes round pack your things into storage, it can be easy to throw them all in, close the door, forget about them until your return.  However, if you take your time and apply a little effort and you will be able to avoid mistakes and safeguard your belongings against damage or yourself from a stressful experience. So, here are 5 avoidable Self Storage mistakes that you should think about before taking off, from the team here at AK Storage Sheffield. If you follow our advice — and you’ll thank us later.

  1. Wrapping your belongings in newspaper

No doubt you have the best of intentions when packing your belongings in newspaper. But the ink from the print on the newspaper can mark and stain all of your items. This is especially true if you store your items at a storage facility that does not have climate-controlled, i.e. cheap outdoor metal storage containers. Then you will find yourself unpacking ink smudged items, some, perhaps, damaged irreparably damaged or tarnished for life. Take AK’s advice and use bubble wrap or proper ink-free packing paper. We sell and provide these packing products, see our packing department for more details.

  1. Forgetting to label your boxes

Navigating storage that you have arranged with loads upon loads of unlabelled boxes is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Of course, you intend to return one day and fully unpack your stored items, but you and the removals company that you hire will appreciate fully if you know where each box is supposed to go when you unpack.

Or on the other hand, if you decide that you only need just a few items removed from storage, it is better to avoid having to rifle through every box to find the ones you need. Make sure you label each box clearly. If you really want to keep organized, keep a thorough inventory of the contents of every box. Have a look at this blog post for more tips on organizing your storage unit effectively or this one for our top storage checklist.

  1. Storing food – Self Storage mistakes of the highest order

No, just NO. Get a grip lad! Storing anything edible, even only dry goods, has the potential to attract vermin. Never mind the rot, damp and mold that will outbreak as a result of your own stupidity. Be genuine about the things that you’re putting into storage. Ask yourself honestly if you’re really going to want a bag of lentils after they have sat there for six months? Longer even? Undoubtedly not. Find someone who will appreciate them while you’re gone, and save yourself from the invasion of germs, microbes and, even worse, rats!

AK Self Storage Sheffield
  1. Skimping on price can create self storage problems

It’s always tempting to opt for the cheapest storage option you can find. Hey, why not store it on side of the road if that will make you happy? But is that really the best option for your personal belongings? Self Storage mistakes don’t get any worse than this. Remember, if you are storing delicate items like art or antiques or even books, then a climate-controlled storage solution is best, even if it costs more. An extra secure facility is also worth paying more for, least of all for your own peace of mind.

Be sure to find the right storage facility in Sheffield for your needs and when it comes around good luck on your adventure!