10 ways people save money using self storage

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(part one)

Self storage is more often than not seen as an extra expense. This should not be the case because you can actually save money by using a self storage facility like ours. The public perception that self storage is an expense, for those who have acquired more than they need, is usually due to television programs like ‘Storage Wars‘. The truth is that there are many reasons why we may need some extra space and many ways to save money by using self storage.

The solutions, however, can become expensive very fast…

Build an extension?  

Convert the loft?  

Park the car on the road and use the garage to store stuff? 

Relocate to a bigger property?

Cheaper options are at your disposal if you keep self storage in mind.

 Save money using self storage ideas

sheffield house storage to save money

Clearing out the spare room

You already have self storage, it’s called the spare room. But what if you wanted to use it for something else, say, an office, a hobby room, or a bedroom for the new family arrival?

What are the options?

That extension? The loft conversion?  Relocating to a new larger property?

In this day and age, the cost of these options can make your eyes water, never mind the stress and upheaval that comes with implementing them. Let’s face it, any planned resizing will cost a lot of money. Possibly years more of debt repayments. In contrast, however, low-priced, affordable, secure storage makes things much cheaper. You have to ask yourself: ‘Should we really be leaving the family home that we have come to love because we need more storage space?’ Most of the time you would be better off eliminating the cost, stress, and inconvenience that comes with up-sizing by stowing your items away with a reputable self storage provider like AK Storage, Sheffield. That is certainly the best way to save money by using self storage.

Off to see the world?

save money by using self storage

The opportunity to work abroad presents itself to many of us these days. Equally, traveling for long periods simply to explore and experience different countries and cultures is now an affordable life choice for many students, backpackers, and retirees. The intention of returning home is always there, but what can be done with all those belongings that can’t be taken with us? The entertainment system, the furniture, the books, the computers, everything that has been acquired over the years?

You could sell these items at a loss. However, losing money as well as your personal items could induce a depressive state of mind before you even set off on your travels. Alternately, you could ask family members and friends to store your boxes, furniture and other items for you. Just remember, most people these days are already in short supply of space, so your world travel adventure could be dependent on someone else’s inconvenience.

Low-cost, affordable, secure storage can make your life a whole lot easier

All of your belongings can be stored safely, securely and fully insured until your return to the United Kingdom. Our rates are very competitive which is why our storage solutions are popular with Sheffield students going on their gap yah.

What if you own a property and plan some time abroad can you still save money by using self storage?

The ideal plan would be to let your property while you are away. This could be managed by a letting agency, or you could personally draw up the contact with the tenants before you set off. This way you would have a cash flow via your property back home to cover things like mortgage, insurance, rates, e.t.c whilst you are away. By utilizing self storage you can store your personal items separately, and then rent out the property as fully or as part furnished as you like.

The Tradesmen’s Tool Shed

storage tool shed to save money

Over a working lifetime tradesmen acquire lots of tools. These can be expensive to buy and then to insure. Rather than storing them at an insecure location, such as a garden shed or in the back of a van, many tradesmen prefer to use a self storage unit. This will keep their tools secure and easy to access. The minimal cost, if using an affordable storage facility like the one we have here at AK storage, Sheffield, gives them the peace of mind they need, and ultimately they will save money.

Continued in part two…

Please Remember: Only your imagination limits what self storage can be used for.