Pre-Moving and Storing Advice

Somewhere in a parallel universe existing in a perfect world we would all have plenty of time to plan and pack for any relocation that we may have to make. Storing Advice would be second nature to us here at AK Storage in Sheffield. Moving to a new house is a process riddled with tasks, details, and planning that can cause stress. In fact, after divorce and bereavement, it has been found to be the third most stressful thing in our lives. Here in the real world, life does not plan itself and last-minute moves are often unavoidable. We’ve offered storage advice before here on our blog and we will continue to do so, always.

Here are a few Storing Advice tips from the AK Storage team in Sheffield that may help

Notify those who need to know about your move

We’re not on about family and long lost friends here. This is the probably one of the most tedious parts of relocating, but hey, a comprehensive checklist of people you need to notify always helps.

Most important of these are banks, credit, debit and any store cards you may have. Your employers, pension or state benefit providers will need to know. So too the council for council tax and rates. Not forgetting, if you have any kids, their schools. Remember your insurance companies and your doctor. Don’t forget to arrange to switch off and moving your phone and internet provider and all the utility providers. These will all need arranging them to be connected to your new property. Remember to shop around for best prices using comparison websites such as www.uswitch.

You must try to get at least three written quotes from established removals companies from the local area. Using word of mouth recommendations is usually the best way to go. Here at AK Storage, after over 35 years in the removals and storage business, we get more than 50% of our business on referrals. Alternatively, and can provide you with a list of reliable local house removals companies.

Pre-Moving and Storing Advice From AK Storage in Sheffield

Remember also to find out as much as you can about the removals companies that you may use. Things such as, How long have they been in business? Can they provide references? What size vans or lorries will they be using. This can affect the move because of the access to both your old and new destination property may not allow for the size of their vans. Here some of our older packing tips may come in handy.
Also, note that removals quotes may not be comparable. You need to ask, does the company quote include VAT? Will your possessions in transit be fully insured?

Always remember not to assume that the cheapest quote is best. A lot of people see house removals as an unskilled job, but there are plenty of risks involved. Experience counts here in the moving game. The advice we offer here is always quality and we believe we will be saving you money in the long run.

If you can, get as much of your packing done professionally. The truth is, is that it’s not expensive and there is always a chance that the insurance won’t cover anything that you have packed yourself. Also, packing up your items can be the most time consuming and exasperating part of any house relocation.